You know that feeling...

when you meet someone new, you say the same thing at the exact same time and it renders you speechless?

Mirror Book Box was conceptualized from that feeling.

Where it's showing you how gorgeous you are or informing Maleficient that she is not longer the fairest in the land, mirrors tell it like it is. They show the true reflection of who you are.

Our books should be trues reflections of us as well. There should be a book out there for you - hell, a shelf full of books - that feels like home. The way we look, the cultures we identify with, the people we love, the storms we weather, the things we care about, the events that happen to us - they all make us who we are and they shouldn't just be reflected in the books we read, but celebrated as well.

That's what Mirror Book Box is about. Since it's inception in 2016, the subscription box has changed and been modled, but the mission is always the same:

celebrate the differences that make us who we are because we deserve heroes we could be